Review: Successio (Roma Nova #3) by Alison Morton

As many of you are aware, I have been very impressed with this new series. This is the first and really, the only, alternative history book that I’ve come across in all my literary adventures.

Successio is the third book in the series and I still stand by the ‘read the series in order’ theory. I’ve seen some people say that these books read easily as stand alone novels but I completely disagree.

The world of Roma Nova is complex and the back story is very detailed so I would say if this novel looks at all eye catching to you, then start with the first book and fully immerse yourself in the rich world of Roma Nova and Morton’s stunning characters.

In this third book, we catch up with Carina Mitela, the heir of a leading family in Roma Nova. While things in the empire are more or less at peace, things in Carina’s world are far from that.

Carina’s husband, Conrad, had quite the reputation as a ‘ladies man’ before he married Carina, and now that reputation has come back to haunt them. A young woman, Nicola, turns up who is actually Conrad’s daughter whom he didn’t know existed.

While Conrad sees a love starved girl, Carina sees a very real danger. Nicola has inherited some sociopathic tendencies and she is dead set on revenge and destroying the family.

Conrad resents Carina’s judgement and things begin to unravel between Conrad and Carina. Nicola has stirred up all kinds of trouble between Carina and Conrad and their relationship is almost past the point of fixing.

I read this book with a mixture of shock and awe. It was hard to watch Carina and Conrad go from this power couple to watching their marriage crumble. But at the same time, Morton wrote it so well that you had to appreciate her story telling skills!

I feel like I’ve become so attached to these characters over the last three books and I really feel like I’ve been on a ‘journey’ with them so I acutely feel their trials and tribulations. Bravo to Morton on making characters the audience can connect with so strongly!

The story itself and premise are so unique which captured my imagination from the word go. I love that Roma Nova is a matriarchal society, so often in books it’s the opposite so having this book be based in a world of strong women leaders makes story unique and memorable.

Carina is a strong woman who is in a position of great power and influence and yet she isn’t cold or unapproachable or hard to relate to. Sometimes with strong female protagonists, there is a fine line that writers have to walk because with a women who is too strong, you might put some people off and if you make her to weak then the opposite happens.

I think Morton did a great job making a woman who fit well within the matriarchal society that she is placed but yet approachable enough that other readers will identify with her.

I don’t want to give away too much about the plot for those of you who are thinking about picking up this series but let’s just say this installment is an emotional ride mixed with quite a bit of action so the plot moved along very very quickly. I read this book fairly fast based no how busy I’ve been lately.

I love books that are a little outside the norm and this book fits the bill. It is not just an alternative history novel, it’s a bunch of other genres in one made up to make this a political thriller, romance novel, and fantasy read all in one!

I also wanted to on the cover, because I don’t think I’ve talked about the cover before……I love it! All the covers are eye catching and give the audience a ‘military-ish’ feel. Which is so fitting because Roma Nova is rather militant like so I thought this cover art captured the essence of the series. The jewel tones also work well as they suggest ‘strength’ to me.

This series is innovative and refreshing! This series is action packed and completely ‘off the beaten path’. If you want something different with strong characters and an innovative plot, then look no further!

Challenge/Book Summary:

Book: Successio (Roma Nova #3) by Alison Morton

  • Kindle Edition, 294 pages
    Published May 30th 2014 by SilverWood Books
    Review copy provided by: Author in exchange for an honest review

This book counts toward: NA

  • Hosted by: NA
  • Books for Challenge Completed: NA

Recommendation: 4 out of 5

Genre: Alternative history, historic fiction, speculative fiction, thriller

Memorable lines/quotes: NA

2 thoughts on “Review: Successio (Roma Nova #3) by Alison Morton

  1. I’ve never heard of this series but your glowing review has me hooked, I found it at my local library and reserved it! Starting with 1, I also like to read series in order.

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