Review: Royal Blood (Royal Spyness #4) by Rhys Bowen

As promised, I have been making my way through the Royal Spyness Mystery series these last few weeks.

I actually started this one at the end and then decided to go back and read the other books. There are 12 so far and I am sadly only on book 4. But I am making my way as fast as I can through the books and enjoying each one as I go.

They are quick reads and delightfully light and yet entertaining enough to keep me reading into the late hours (especially on the weekends!).

If you have been following along with my reviews of this series, then you know that I have been gifted the first book in this series, by my mom on at least four occasions. It is giving her a rather large head now that she knows I am finally reading this series and loving every minute of it!


London, 1932. With her hateful brother Binky in town, Georgie has been desperately seeking an escape. So when an invitation from the Queen of England arrives asking her to represent the royals at a wedding in Transylvania–legendary home of vampires–she’s delighted to accept. But when the bride starts acting a little batty and a prominent wedding guest is poisoned, something must be done lest the couple’s vows become “till undeath do they part (summary from Goodreads).


So the third book in this series was just ok for me. Not every book needs to be outstanding and a 5 star review. Sometimes the in between books are just necessary and that’s totally ok by me.

I was fully prepared for this book to just be another ‘ok’ one, as the premise sounded a little too dramatic and odd. But shockingly….this book took me by surprise! I was dying over Queenie. She made the story for me! I laughed so hard at some of the situations she got herself into and I thought she brought a whole new level of entertainment to the story.

While the mystery itself wasn’t overly complex, nor were there too many red herrings, but I loved the general interaction between the characters and trying to figure out what happened to the murder victim. The whole group was just comedy. I loved watching them trying to decide how to hide the body from the royal parents and as always, prince ‘fish face’ is always good for a good laugh.

I was surprised by how strong this book was for me. I was fully prepared to write it off as just ok based on the vampire summary, but I ended up loving it and being entertained for countless hours by the odd house party. I can’t wait to see where Georgie ends up next. Oh and lastly…..Darcy is just my favorite! Swoon.

Book Info and Rating

Paperback, 305 pages
Published September 6th 2011 by Berkley Books (first published August 19th 2010)
ISBN 0425243745 (ISBN13: 9780425243749)
Review copy provided by, personal collection, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and in no way influenced.
Rating: 4.5 stars
Genre: historical fiction, mysteries


One thought on “Review: Royal Blood (Royal Spyness #4) by Rhys Bowen

  1. I’ve heard a few other people have enjoyed this series and I keep seeing it- I am feeling ready to jump in. Thanks for a great review. This one in particular sounds fun.

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