Review: My Heart’s Desire by Andrea Kane

Lady Alexandria Cassell feels trapped. Her whole life promises to be a series of balls, entertaining, and perpetual boredom if she remains in London for the Season to find a suitable husband. So she does what any sensible girl would do in her situation….she runs like hell.

Alexandria finds a ship leaving London bound for Canada where her father lives. She stows away on board, but little does she know what adventures await her on the high seas.

Itching to put as many leagues between himself and London, Captain Drake Barrett sets sail when he discovers Alexandria hidden away in his cabin. Though he knows he should turn the ship around immediately and return her to her family….there is something about the unruly beauty that lures him in and forces him to agree to take her with him to Canada.

Drake abhors women of the peerage and society. To him they are all the same. But Drake immediately recognizes that Alexandria is different than most rich, titled girls. She is everything a well brought up girl should NOT be….stubborn, defiant, and as untamable as the sea, not to mention stunningly beautiful.

Alexandria finds this poor sea captain arrogant, cocky, uncouth, and condescending…..but there is something about him that she finds appealing. Maybe its the way he carries himself….he’s confident and self assured, self possessed and sexy. Maybe it’s the way he handles her….or the fact that he’s devastatingly handsome.

Little does Alexandria know that he ‘poor captain’ is anything but…..Drake is heir to a dukedom and extremely wealthy. Like Alexandria, Drake wants little to do with London society and the peerage…..he just wants a quiet life sailing the seas.

As they transverse the ocean, their simple attraction grows into a raging inferno of love and desire. But Drake still can’t bring himself to tell Alexandria about his title and wealth….for she hates everything it stands for and he will lose her forever.

When I picked this up, I thought it was going to be more of a high seas adventure novel with some romance, I wasn’t aware that it was going to be a bodice ripper. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it, the story was intriguing and all that, but for me personally it was a little cliche and cheesy at times.

It’s a timeless formula we see so often in romantic literature (and not just bodice rippers)….”a reformed rake makes the best husband”. The novel teases the reader with the possibility that Drake is something other than what he seems—that his arrogance is merely an expression of his love for Alexandria….buried deep under all the cockiness and anger, there is the heart of a romantic hero.

And what sort of woman can reform a rake….a strong willed, wild, unyielding, confident woman. But in order for her to completely steal the man’s heart she needs to have an element of vulnerability about her as well….a sweet innocents, a role that Alexandria fits into nicely.

While the characters filled traditional roles in romantic literature, this novel was still wanting in character development. There was so much emphasis on the physical desires of the couple, that I had trouble believing that there was anything else under all of that. Sex is sex is sex….but passion, love, and romance are something else entirely.

But I do realize, this novel was not meant to be a high brow work of fiction….it was meant to be a fun quick read. A book read for entertainment, escape, and day dreams.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the plot and even though the cliches were abundant, I did enjoy reading the novel. It was a nice break to read something that didn’t have an overly complicated plot or complex characters that I had to figure out. This book served it’s purpose….it was just what I needed, a break from reality.

Challenge/Book Summary:

Book: My Heart’s Desire by Andrea Kane

  • ebook, 328 pages
  • Published October 2nd 2012 by Open Road (first published October 1st 1991)
  • ISBN 1453265600 (ISBN13: 9781453265604)
  • Review Copy provided by: Open Road Media via NetGalley

This book counts toward: NA

  • Hosted by: NA
  • Books for Challenge Completed: NA

Recommendation: 3 out of 5 (a fierce historic fiction romance)

Genre: Historic fiction, romance, Regency era lit

Memorable lines/quotes:

Some women dream of princes, wonderful and powerful men who carry them off to their castles, where they live happily ever after…I have lived in that castle and I know just how empty and lonely it can be

Life has no easy answers, only very complex questions.

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