Review: The Return of the Witch (The Witch’s Daughter #2) by Paula Brackston

I’ve been a big fan of Paula Brackston…….especially her witch books!

Ironically the only book of her’s I haven’t read is The Witch’s Daughter! I have it but I just haven’t gotten around to reading it for some reason. So when this book came up for review, I was hesitant only because I haven’t read the first one. However, I was so excited to read another of her witch books that I just gave in a read this one!

So I would be lying if I said I should have read the first book before this one. There were a lot of references to things that happened in the first book, however Brackston did a great job at helping the reader navigate the story even if they missed the first book.

After five years in the Summerlands, Gideon has gained his freedom. Elizabeth knows he will go straight for Tegan, and that she must protect the girl she had come to regard as her own daughter.

In the time since she the dramatic night in Batchcombe woods, Tegan has traveled the world learning from all manner of witches, and she is no longer the awkward teenager and novice spell caster she once was. However, her skills are no match for Gideon’s dark, vengeful power, and he succeeds in capturing her. Will Elizabeth be able to find her? Will they be able to defeat their nemesis once and for all?

In a breathless journey that takes them through history, witch pursues warlock. Three people steeped in magic weave a new story, but not all will survive until the end.

There was a lot to love in this book…….lots of magic, drama, time travel, mystery, a hint of romance, and historical content! I loved the mix in this book! Not to mention her prose is magical and fits so well within books like this!  I felt like there were a lot of things to keep the reader interested in the story. While I struggled with some of the plot connections which harken back to the first book, I still enjoyed the overall story.

Brackston did a nice job trying to help orientate the reader or re-familiarize readers of the previous books, so they could recall important plot points, but there were still times when I felt like I was missing something. So now obviously I feel like I need to move the first book up in my TBR list rather quickly so I can enjoy the series even more!

As I mentioned earlier, her prose is so beautiful. It works so perfectly with a book like this. The setting and magic are brought to life with her elegant word choices. It’s so hard to explain, but she really shines with her witch books…..the setting and prose are like the perfect storm! LOVE!

I also want to comment on the cover designs…….Brackston always has a great cover illustrator! I love almost all of her witch book covers. This one is equally fun. I love the purple/blue background and the lacy dress with boots. I don’t know what it is about this cover but it completely intrigues me and catches my eye. She often goes with book covers that feature witch like shoes and I am loving it!

As much as I want to give this book a 5 star rating, I felt like I could only give it a 4 star rating based solely on that fact that I haven’t read the first book. If I had I think I would have been able to fully appreciate the overall story and plot. I enjoyed it and the characters but I didn’t feel completely connected to them in the way that I had hoped and I think if I had read the other book I think I might have felt differently about the plot and characters.

Brackston’s witch books are wonderful reads for me. If you haven’t yet experienced her writing and you like books about witches and magic mixed with romance and mystery…..I HIGHLY recommend any of her books. I am moving The Witch’s Daughter up on my TBR list so I can fully appreciate this latest installment!

Challenge/Book Summary:

Book: The Return of the Witch (The Witch’s Daughter #2) by Paula Brackston 

  • Kindle Edition, 320 pages

    Published March 8th 2016 by Thomas Dunne Books
    ISBN 1250028817 (ISBN13: 9781250028815)
    Review copy provided by: Publisher/Author in exchange for an honest review.

This book counts toward: NA

  • Hosted by: NA
  • Books for Challenge Completed: NA

Recommendation: 4 out of 5

Genre: Witch lit, fantasy, magical realism, time travel, mystery, romance

Memorable lines/quotes:

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