Review: Wayward (Wayward Pines #2) by Blake Crouch

After burning through the first book of the Wayward Pines series, I immediately picked up the second book and started reading.

The first book ended with some stunning revelations about what exactly the town of Wayward Pines, Idaho really was.

Ethan Burke was finally coming to terms with his position in Wayward Pines and finally beginning to understand what exactly was at stake should he continue to fight conformity.

But then suddenly there is a murder in Wayward Pines…..the first one….well the first one that wasn’t orchestrated or planned anyway.

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Review: Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch

Not many network TV shows catch my eye, I’m typically an HBO girl when it comes to ‘my shows’ but something about Wayward Pines on Fox caught my eye and after the first episode I was hooked.

What kind of weirdness is this?

It wasn’t until the third episode that I noticed it was based on a book series, so like a good bookaholic I raced out and bought the first book to start reading immediately!

Secret Service agent, Ethan Burke, was sent to Wayward Pines to find two missing agents but Ethan and his partner were hit by a truck.

When Ethan wakes up in Wayward Pines hospital it’s pretty clear that something is a off. The town just doesn’t seem right.

He has no ID, no money, and no badge. He keeps trying to call his family and his office but no one will return his calls. Everyone in Wayward Pines seems nice enough but, there is something off…..hell even the beer tastes funny.

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Review: Engn by Simon Kewin

Finn has been raised to fear the notorious Ironclads and their city, Engn. The Ironclads are sent out to the surrounding villages to recruit children to work in the city.

When the Ironclads come, there is no choice but to send the children to Engn even though few return to their homes, parents are required to let the Ironclads take what they want.

When Finn was younger, his sister was taken to Engn which was supposed to mean that Finn was safe as the Ironclads can only take one child per family. But when the Ironclads come for him, this changes everything.

With Finn on his way to Engn and almost certain death, he is reminded of a promise he made long ago–Finn and his friend Conner vowed to destroy Engn for good.

But Finn soon discovers that task is larger than originally thought.  In Engn, a dictatorship runs the city and the people/workers are slaves…broken and beaten to an inch of their lives and once they are no longer useful, they are terminated.

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Guest Post: Engn by Simon Kewin

In addition to reviewing the MG/YA book Engn by Simon Kewin, he also agreed to write a guest post about how he created the world and city of Engn. Without further ado please welcome Simon Kewin to The Lit Bitch!

Building Engn

The world of Engn grew out of a simple, central idea: a city-sized, steam-powered machine that generations of people have lived and worked within.
I was drawn to the idea on lots of levels. I liked the thought of all the odd contraptions and mysteries and weirdness I could build into such a vast and ancient machine. In the book, Engn has grown so huge that most people within have stopped “seeing” it; have stopped wondering what it is actually for. That seemed like a fun idea to play with. I love fiction that has big, cool ideas in it. I also figured the setting would give me lots of scope for adventures and scrapes for my protagonist, Finn, to face.

Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Nerds around the world unite! This is your book!

If you love video games, 70’s and 80′ pop culture, fantasy, cyberpunk, dystopian lit….then this is the book for you and even if you don’t love those things, you will still find something to love in this book.

18 year old Wade Watts live in the year 2044. The world is a wasteland. The earth’s resources are diminished and society is spiraling out of control, the only thing positive in this dismal world is the OASIS.

The OASIS is the internet to the 10th power! It’s a virtual utopian world where you can be anyone or anything you want to be. Each person has their own avatar and you can create your own planets and worlds where you live, play, meet friends, and even fall in love.

When the creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, dies he leaves his vast, multibillion dollar fortune to anyone who can find his ‘Easter Egg’ by playing the ultimate video game in the OASIS. Halliday leaves on clue to get people started, a riddle. OASIS users around the world work to solve the riddle.

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