Review: Perfiditas (Roma Nova #2) by Alison Morton

A lot has changed in the seven years since we first met the very unlucky Karen Brown.

She has now completely embraced her true identity of Carina Mitela and she is now living as a Roma Novan.

Carina has married Conradus (AKA Conrad) and since the last novel, they have advanced in their careers within the PGSF (Praetorian Guard Special Forces).

Conrad has just been made Legate which is basically the Chief within the PGSF and Carina is also a Captain in the Strategy Section.

Their marriage is solid but their careers are complicated.  They also have their children to protect and provide for….but that is a fact easier said than done. Carina must prevent a conspiracy that not only threatens her country, but also her marriage and children!

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Review: Inceptio (Roma Nova #1) by Alison Morton

This is my first experience reading an alternative history novel. Inceptio is not just an alternative history novel though…it’s part political thriller, part romance, and part fantasy.

Karen Brown leads an unassuming life. She grew up in rural Nebraska and moved to New York where she continues living a quiet life.

She works in a cubicle with no major responsibilities. She isn’t seeing anyone special, and like most young women on their own, she’s barely making ends meet.

But all that is about to change, in a big way.

When she starts working on a new account for a Roma Nova organization, she has no idea they are actually there surveying her. She soon learns that her mother, a fellow Roma Novan, made arrangements for her to be rather well off.

But as the saying goes, more money, more problems….someone wants her to disappear.

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Book Blast: Successio (Roma Nova #3) by Alison Morton

Successio Follow Alison Morton’s Book Blast for SUCCESSIO, the third book in her Roma Nova Series, from June 16-27 for a chance to win your own autographed copy and bookmark!
Publication Date: June 4, 2014

SilverWood Books

Formats: eBook, Paperback

Genre: Alternative Historical Thriller

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Roma Nova – the last remnant of the Roman Empire that has survived into the 21st century – is at peace. Carina Mitela, the heir of a leading family, but choosing the life of an officer in the Praetorian Guard Special Forces, is not so sure.

She senses danger crawling towards her when she encounters a strangely self-possessed member of the unit hosting their exchange exercise in Britain. When a blackmailing letter arrives from a woman claiming to be her husband Conrad’s lost daughter and Conrad tries to shut Carina out, she knows the threat is real.

Trying to resolve a young man’s indiscretion twenty-five years before turns into a nightmare that not only threatens to destroy all the Mitelae but also attacks the core of the imperial family itself. With her enemy holding a gun at the head of the heir to the imperial throne, Carina has to make the hardest decision of her life… Continue reading “Book Blast: Successio (Roma Nova #3) by Alison Morton”

Review: Time and Again (Time #1) by Jack Finney

It’s not very often that I see a book on Goodreads that has over 7000 ratings and it still carries over a 4 star average!

When I got this book for review, I had read so many wonderful reviews that I couldn’t wait to start reading it!

It would be hard to put this book into a specific category as there are so many wonderful elements to it: mystery, time travel, sci fi, romance, and historic fiction!

Si Morley is working as an artist in an advertising firm when a visitor makes him a mysterious offer. Si’s life is pretty dull and he longs for something different and exciting.

This strange visitor promises more than just excitement…..he promises the greatest adventure of man kind!

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Review: City of Lost Dreams (City of Dark Magic #2) by Magnus Flyte

Vienna and Prague are world renowned as cities full of music and the arts….and maybe even a little magic. It is here in the magical city of Vienna that we find musicologist Sarah Weston.

Sarah lives in a world where alchemy, science, and magic all exist together and create a wonderfully rich story….not to mention you throw in all the time travel through the beautiful streets of Prague and Vienna and you have a lyrical read!

Sarah is in Vienna looking for a cure for her friend Pollina who is on death’s door while her other friends, Max and Nico are also searching for a cure.

Nico is looking for an ancient alchemy cure in England when he finds that an old rival is one step ahead of him. Max is in Prague also searching for a cure but he is also trying to figure out the reappearance of  a long dead saint.

While the boys are off, Sarah becomes entangled in a deadly web of secrets, lies, stolen art, and a dangerously attractive horseman who’s more than a little bloodthirsty.

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